May Update

We've had a fair amount of translation activity in the last month, with progress being made in four languages! Bible First is being translated into Spanish, French, and now Russian. The Spanish translation is now past the half-way mark, while the French and Russian translations are not as far along. In addition, Good and Evil is being re-translated into Ukrainian.

Web Development

In case you hadn't noticed, you are reading this update on a brand-new website, built by yours truly! In addition to being much faster, this site is also less susceptible to being hacked. (I've been hacked before. Not sure why someone would go to the trouble to hack a missionary's blog???) While the site (hopefully) looks good on your desktop computer, I still need to optimize it for mobile and make some behind-the-scenes tweaks that will be good stepping stones for future projects.

Residency Permits

Our residency permit renewal is going well. By this time next month, hopefully everything will be all finished.


We had a nasty cold/cough bug that went through the family recently. First it took down Melissa and Lydia, then Briana, then Katelin. I thought for sure that I had escaped, but now I've come down with it.

At the park

Taking the girls to the park on a Saturday morning.

Briana starting to talk a lot more these days. Melissa and Lydia recently participated in a "talent show" organized by Abby Steele, and they got good reviews for the doll-sized patchwork quilt and pillow that they sewed for the occasion. Katelin just had her birthday, and we all had a good time celebrating that. Melissa's balcony garden is growing nicely, and I'm thinking that there will be enough spinach for a mini-salad soon!