July Update

Kelsie and Katelin started the month off with another talk for young moms, similar to the one they did back in April. The main difference was that this was more like a half-day seminar, with three different sessions, whereas last time, there was just one session. And like last time, the event was well-attended and well-received.

Seminar for mothers

Katelin, Kelsie, and the rest of the group.

Bible First

We are continuing to make progress on various aspects of Bible First. Maria Sanchez has basically finished the first draft of the Spanish translation, with only a few spots needing some cleanup. Ralph has been going great guns on converting Bible First text into Markdown format, which is necessary to make it available online. He has recently finished converting the English text, and has now moved on to the Ukrainian and Russian. I'm sure it won't be long before he moves on to the Spanish text!


This month will go down in Day Family history as the month of the broken foot. Not long after the aforementioned seminar for young moms, Katelin went to the local market to buy strawberries and rolled her ankle in a pothole. An X-ray revealed that it was a break, not a sprain, so the doctor put Katelin's foot in a cast and told her to wear it for 3.5 weeks. The cast is now off, and Katelin is making steady progress in rehabilitating her foot.

All that to say, it's been a busy month on the home front! When she wasn't resting, Katelin did her best to keep things rolling around the house, but I still spent most of the month being Mr. Mom. It's a good thing that we skipped CMO this summer, because I would have had to bow out almost completely!


One of many outings that I took the girls on this month. Briana was playing in a fountain, and I had to keep a tight hold on her, just in case she tried to go for a swim. ;)