September Update

I've spoken many times in the past about our desire to create a website that would allow people to study through Bible First online. I've also mentioned a young man named Trevor Brown from Florida who is helping to build that website in his spare time. Well, I have two pieces of good news to report on:

  • Trevor survived Hurricane Irma.
  • Trevor is coming to Ukraine for just over two weeks in October to help finish the website.

While the website will still need more work after Trevor goes back to the States, the hope is that we will get it to the point to where we can start using it ourselves. Once we get the bugs worked out, we will open it up for others to use.

While Trevor doesn't arrive in Ukraine until October 8th, we are making a lot of progress on the website as we speak. Now that Trevor's trip is on the calendar, everyone is doing their best to get as much work done ahead of time, so that we can make as much progress as possible while he is in Ukraine.

Good and Evil

Tolik is continuing to make progress on translating Good and Evil. I have been working on converting the text into a format more suitable for translation, and hope to finish that project soon so I can focus on preparing for Trevor's trip.


The big news of the month is that we have officially started school! Katelin has been "unofficially" doing school with the girls for a while now, but now it's official: Katelin and I are homeschool parents, and Melissa is a first grader. Melissa is doing quite well, and is already turning into quite the bookworm!

Birthday cake

Working on Lydia's birthday cake.