November Update

Our web development marathon is now in the books, but the work continues. We were able to make our goal of importing test data into the application, but the import of the test data exposed some more bugs. (Which is what we expected.) So the development goes on.


Left to right: Nathan, Trevor, and Josh. Nerds for Jesus!

Lately, Josh and I have been dedicating our mornings to working on the Bible First app. We usually have a quick meeting on Skype, talk over what needs to be done, and then jump into the code. Progress is slow, but steady. And of course, Trevor does what he can from his side of the Atlantic.

Bible First

We recently received a note from Catherine, who is translating Bible First into French, saying that she had completed Lesson 3. In addition, the translation into Russian is now 90% complete! There is still a lot of proofing left to be done, but it is exciting to see the progress being made!

Good and Evil

Speaking of proofing, Josh and I just finished proofing Chapter 6 of Good and Evil, and plan to proof Chapter 7 sometime this next week. Tolik is making good progress on the translation, and it looks like he has just about finished translating Chapter 8. So maybe will will be proofing Chapters 7 and 8…? We'll see. There are 13 chapters in all, and our goal is to be finished with the translation by the end of the year.


We had our first taste of winter last week when we got a light dusting of snow. Of course, the girls were determined to go play in it, even though there wasn't much of it, and it was all soaking wet. The girls are still enjoying their school. One of the highlights of the month was a couple of boxes that arrived from America. While there were a lot of Christmas and birthday presents that got set aside for their respective holidays, there was still enough fun stuff left to make it feel like Christmas had come a month early!


Soaking up some beautiful fall weather!