February Update

Bible First Online

At long last, Bible First Online is live! Just last week, we decided we were ready to open the doors to the outside world. First we had one confirmed user, then we had four, and as I write this, we have ten! A couple of users/students have already read through Lesson 1, completed their quiz, and are ready to move on to the next lesson. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are thankful that so far, things have gone as well as they have!

Our lower-level goals in developing Bible First Online (BFO) are to make it easier for our students to correspond with us by reducing our dependence on paper lessons and the (sometimes unreliable) Ukrainian postal system, as well as to reach the demographic that prefers to do everything online. But our higher-level goal is to open BFO up to other individuals and churches to use in their own ministries. There are only so many of us on our team, and we can only reach so many people. But once we open up BFO to others, the sky's the limit!


On that note, we have some friends that are excited about the possibility of using BFO to reach Spanish-speakers. Now that I've finished with the English and Ukrainian text, the next step is to convert the Spanish text into the format it needs to be in to work with BFO.

Meeting Our Students

As I mentioned in our last update, we've been trying to meet with some of our students, face-to-face. Serhii has organized another meeting for this Saturday, the 15th, but this time in the city of Rivne. Be praying that all will go well, and that God would bless our meeting.

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

The deadline for applying for CMO is just two months away, and we already have two confirmed applicants, one application in the mail, and another verbal commitment. CMO 2020 is shaping up to be great year! Pretty soon here, preparations will begin in earnest, so your prayers would be appreciated!


Not much to report on here. We've had a happy, fairly healthy month that unfortunately only had only one snow that was (barely) enough for sledding. That said, our heaviest snows tend to be in February and March, so there's still hope!

Stroller kids

If we can't use our sleds, we'll go with our strollers!