May Update

Bible First

When our team first wrote the 20 lessons of the Bible First correspondence course, the way we intended them to be used (and the way we still use them) was to send them out to the student as the student completed the lessons. But after we released the materials for purchase in English, we learned that a lot of people were using Bible First for family devotions, Sunday school classes, etc, and so there really wasn't as big of a need for the lessons to be split up as we had envisioned. In addition, one of the common complaints we get is that the lessons are too expensive. Recently, it was suggested that we could print all the lessons as one book, which would likely allow us to make the Bible First lessons available for 20-30% less!

All that to say, our latest project is to reformat the Bible First lessons for print in the new unified format. We are also in the process of correcting typos and such that have been found since the last printing. It's going to be a big job, but we believe that the new format will be a solid win all around.

CMO Zoom meeting

A Zoom meeting of most of the guys that had planned to come to CMO. Some of them are planning to get together for their own outreaches in the States.

Residency Permits

Despite the coronavirus, we recently received our new residency permits, on the very day before our old ones expired! We are good to go for another year!


Thankfully, most of the news on the coronavirus front in Ukraine is good! So far, Ukraine has been able to avoid an initial spike of cases similar to what happened in China, Italy, and New York City. As of about a week ago, the government has started gradually relaxing the quarantine restrictions, and while cases will likely rise, hopefully they will do so at a manageable rate.

Katelin and kids in masks

Our new normal.


For weeks, the kids have been waiting for the day that the parks would reopen. There was at least one letdown, when we were expecting a slight rollback of the quarantine, but it got delayed. But about a week ago, the long-awaited day finally came! The next thing we are looking forward to is being able to see our friends again. Facetime and such is nice, but it's just not the same!