July Update

Bible First Online

Last month, I mentioned my "continuing education" in the area of web development. That has been going quite well, and I'm looking forward to jumping in to some "real" web development soon!

Bible First Reprints

The reprint of the Ukrainian lessons went great! The lessons themselves look good and so far, we haven't found any typos, so that's always good. I now need to go back and incorporate some suggestions from the translator, but that's a job for another day.

The reprint of the English lessons is in a holding pattern right now. We are waiting on the graphic designer, and he is finishing up a big project, and then hopefully we are next!

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

As you may recall, we had to cancel CMO 2020 because of the coronavirus situation. But in its place, a couple CMO alumni decided to organize their own CMO! It will be taking place next week, so be praying that all would go well.


I mentioned last month that we are living in one of Ukraine's coronavirus hotspots. Gratefully, while our area has remained one of the hotspots, the number of new cases has leveled off, instead of spiking upward, at least for now. Some of the restricitons have been loosened, so we are excited about the pospect of returning to some of the things that have been off-limits for a while now.

Breakfast time

Wake up and smell the oatmeal!


The girls are enjoying their summer vacation! Of course, sometimes they can get a bit bored with all the free time, so Katelin found a online cooking class to do with them, and I got them set up with a typing program. I think there are also plans to learn some sewing skills. So while school may officially be out, the learning continues!