September Update

Web Development

Just last night, Josh and I were testing a new feature of Bible First Online that makes it easier to sign someone up for Bible First wherever you happen to be, using just a smartphone! Our goal is to finish up a few last features, then recruit some friends to be beta testers while we tie up some more loose ends.

Mobile screenshots

Just tap the Invite Now button, and you get a QR code, or a signup key and web address!

Bible First

While we work on Bible First Online, it is nice to see a steady stream of people finishing the Bible First course. So far this year, about 3-4 people have been graduating each month. We also occasionally get notes and testimonials which remind us that others are using Bible First as well!


New Coronavirus cases in Ukraine continue to rise, averaging about 3,000 per day now. The good news is that new cases in our corner of Ukraine have remained stable.


Cooler weather is returning to Ukraine. It will be nice to have a break from the heat, but that also means that a long, cold winter is coming. This morning, Katelin and the kids were trading out their sandals for shoes and digging out their jackets! Yesterday, Katelin spent the day canning tomatoes. Fall is in the air!

Triple swing

This swing is just right for three sisters!