March Update

Good and Evil

We are continuing to make progress on Good and Evil. Tolik has been polishing up his translation, the designer has been putting the text into the layout, and Josh and I have been busy supervising. ;)

Bible First

Josh and I are still working on the Bible First website. In the mean time, the proofing of the other translations continues.

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

The application deadline for CMO is April 1st. (And that's not an April Fool's joke!) So if you're planning on coming, be sure to get your application in ASAP!


The biggest family news we have is that we are expecting a new baby! Katelin is currently about 19 weeks along, and has recently started to feel the baby move. So far, she says this has been her best pregnancy yet! Still, there were a couple tests from her initial checkup that were out of line, and we would appreciate your prayers as we work on those.

New baby

So do you think the baby looks more like its mommy or its daddy? ;)

We had a good report from the doctor today regarding Lydia's eyesight. We were told that her weak eye has gotten stronger, and that she needs to keep wearing her glasses.

The rest of us have been doing our best to stay warm, during an unusually cold March. I wouldn't be surprised if we have had as much sub-freezing temperatures in March as the whole rest of winter put together. But the forecast is showing warmer weather for next week, and we are looking forward to it!

February Update

Good and Evil

Good and Evil is coming along nicely. Tolik recently finished translating the text, and now Josh and I just need to finish proofing it. About 1.5 chapters left to go!

Bible First

The two-week coding marathon that Josh and I did recently went well, but there is still a lot more work left to do. So for the past couple weeks, we have been getting together to work on the Bible First website three days a week, Wednesday through Friday. So far, this has been working well for us, and we hope to make as much progress as possible before CMO starts this summer.


This is where the code gets written!


Lydia now has her new glasses, and she has adjusted to them quite well. Next month, we need to go in for another appointment to see how much progress is being made.

Last, but not least, here is our new family photo! It was taken last fall, but I've kept forgetting to post it! For the prayer-card version, be sure to click over to the About page of our blog.

Family photo

The Day Family, September 2017

January Update

It's been a busy month over here, with the holidays, Melissa's birthday, and of course, lots of ministry. Let's dive in!

Cake time!

It's cake time!

Bible First

Regarding the Bible First website that will allow people to do Bibie First online, we have been making progress, but not as quickly as we would have liked. So this week, Josh and I will starting on another "coding marathon" like we did back in October. Every day, for a week or two, we will get together and work on the website, with the goal to get it to the point to where we can begin to use it for our own students.

When it comes to the text of Bible First, the proofing of the Spanish translation is coming along well. Also, the Russian translation is now finished! The Russian translation will need some significant proofing before it will be ready to use, but it's always exciting to hit those milestones!

Good and Evil

Tolik is currently translating Chapter 12 of Good and Evil, and Josh and I are proofing Chapter 11. Since there are only 13 chapters, we are coming down the home stretch! (Of the translation part anyway. Layout and design comes next!)

Other Stuff

Since I am ETO's treasurer, the beginning of a new fiscal year always means lots of reports and statements. I'm mostly done with all that, but I still have a bit more to go.


We recently learned that while Lydia has good vision in her left eye, her right eye's vision is actually quite poor. We are working on getting her glasses, which should hopefully help to correct the situation.

Other than that, things are going well on the family front. The kids are growing, school is going well, and after an unusually warm January, the kids are getting some good sledding in!

In case you were wondering, yes, I do speak Ukrainian. :) The church we attend usually has a mini sermon before the main sermon, and sometimes I am asked to do the mini sermon.

December Update

The big news of the month is that Carpathian Mountain Outreach is back! We took the summer of 2017 off to focus on literature and web development, but we will be heading back to the mountains in 2018. You can learn more by checking out the announcement on ETO's spiffy new blog, or you can go straight to the CMO site.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned literature/web development continues. I recently finished a big project that will allow users to switch the interface of the Bible First site to their preferred language. And now that we have gotten the CMO announcement out of the way, Josh and I are hoping to make some good progress on Good and Evil and the Bible First site.


It's birthday season at our house! As of about a week ago, Briana is a big two-year-old! Melissa's birthday is coming up soon, and she is counting down the days. Then then begins the Christmas countdown! Lydia finished her kindergarten math book a few weeks ago, and she has moved up to first grade math. Katelin recently decided to try potty training Briana, but so far, about all we have to show for things is a lot of puddles!

No snow

All dressed for cold weather, but no snow yet!