June Update

Good and Evil

Good and Evil is coming down the home stretch! We are hoping to finalize the files this week, and hopefully by next week, get the presses rolling. Pray for no mistakes or typos, or at least a few as possible!

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

CMO starts in just about two weeks! Our scouting trip went well, and we were able to schedule the first three film showings of CMO. We still have a lot to do to get ready, so I am trying to work hard and let tomorrow worry about itself. Please pray for God's blessing on the whole project.

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Scouting trip

Tolik, Josh, and I on the scouting trip.

Also, it's highly unlikely that I'll have time to put together a blog post next month, so we'll see you all again in August. (Although it will likely be late August, because the baby is due in mid-August!)

Bible First

Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the website that would have allowed our students to study through Bible First online. We were getting really close, but then we had to set web development aside to finish Good and Evil and prepare for CMO. Hopefully we'll be able to get back to work later this year.

On the bright side, enrollment in the paper Bible First course has picked up recently. Also, Maria and Ralph have finished proofing the Spanish translation of Bible First. All we need to do now is format the text for printing, and/or finish the Bible First website, and Bible First will be available in Spanish!


Our residency permits were renewed, so we are good to go for another year.

Continue to pray for Katelin's pregnancy and a successful birth. We are down to just over six weeks to go! Katelin's mother, Patricia, is coming for a month to help out, and we are hoping that Patricia will get here before the baby does!

Balcony picnic

Time for a picnic on the balcony!

May Update

A Trip to America

America, here we come! Our family is planning a trip to the States for this holiday season. By then, it will have been two and a half years since our last trip home, and we are looking forward to reconnecting with family, friends, and supporters!

Our trip will last from early November to late February. We are planning to stay with family, but it is looking like we will need a vehicle that can accommodate four car seats/boosters during our time in Texas (November, and also mid January through late February). If we can't borrow/buy a vehicle, we are looking into leasing a vehicle from an organization that leases to missionaries on furlough. So if you know of any good options, be sure to contact us and let us know!

Kids in a box

No, we won't be shipping ourselves to America in boxes! BTW, starting with this blog post, you can click on the pictures to get a bigger version.

Good and Evil

The Good and Evil project is coming along well. We are coming down the home stretch on proofing the translation, and are mainly working on the layout now. We need to have this project wrapped by the beginning of CMO on July 12th, so your prayers would be appreciated!

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

The CMO project is in the same place as the Good and Evil project. Lots of work to do, and not much time! Pray that we would be able to get all our preparations done in time, and that God would bless CMO.

More specifically, we are planning a trip to the Carpathian Mountains for the week of June 11th to scout out the area we are planning to work in the summer. Our hope is to contact some of the local authorities and make arrangements for the first couple film showings of the project.


We are currently in the process of renewing our residency permits. So far, everything has gone without a hitch, and by next month, we should hopefully be all ready to go for another year.


Warmer weather means tea parties on the balcony!

The pregnancy is also going pretty well, but we would continue to appreciate your prayers for a healthy mama and baby. The girls are getting bigger and more helpful by the day, and are looking forward to meeting their baby brother in August!

April Update

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

At this point, it is looking like there will be six guys coming for CMO. Four of them will be coming for the first time, and two of them are veteran CMOers from CMO 2015. We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare for CMO, as the guys will be arriving in just under three months!

Bible First

For the past couple months, Denise has been busy sending out hundreds of letters to Bible First students that have fallen off the bandwagon in past years. Her efforts have been paying off. Multiple students have returned to studying the Bible, and just this past week, a lady who signed up all the way back in 2006 finally finished the course!

We are also continuing to work on the Bible First website and the translation of Good and Evil. Pray for God to bless our efforts, as we only have three short months until CMO begins.


The biggest family news is that…

It's a boy!

It's a boy!

Despite the fact that we are entering unknown territory, we are all looking forward to meeting Little Boy Blue! There are still a couple of pregnancy-related health issues that we are working on, and we would appreciate your prayers for those.

March Update

Good and Evil

We are continuing to make progress on Good and Evil. Tolik has been polishing up his translation, the designer has been putting the text into the layout, and Josh and I have been busy supervising. ;)

Bible First

Josh and I are still working on the Bible First website. In the mean time, the proofing of the other translations continues.

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

The application deadline for CMO is April 1st. (And that's not an April Fool's joke!) So if you're planning on coming, be sure to get your application in ASAP!


The biggest family news we have is that we are expecting a new baby! Katelin is currently about 19 weeks along, and has recently started to feel the baby move. So far, she says this has been her best pregnancy yet! Still, there were a couple tests from her initial checkup that were out of line, and we would appreciate your prayers as we work on those.

New baby

So do you think the baby looks more like its mommy or its daddy? ;)

We had a good report from the doctor today regarding Lydia's eyesight. We were told that her weak eye has gotten stronger, and that she needs to keep wearing her glasses.

The rest of us have been doing our best to stay warm, during an unusually cold March. I wouldn't be surprised if we have had as much sub-freezing temperatures in March as the whole rest of winter put together. But the forecast is showing warmer weather for next week, and we are looking forward to it!